Solid Waste Management


With the rapid pace of urbanization, solid waste management has always remained a challenge for developing nations. In India alone, more than 62 million tonnes of municipal solid waste is generated annually by its urban residents. The key aspect of an effective solid waste management system is waste segregation at source and implementing recycling and resource recovery. Smart Cities are working towards keeping cities clean by implementing IoT-based Solid Waste Management.

Potential of IoT-based Solid Waste Management

IoT-based Solid Waste Management can lead to a better waste management in urban areas and also significantly reduce the time and expenditure involved. It involves the use of data analytics, solar-powered garbage compacting bins, dustbins with embedded RFID chips, pollution sensors and a digital resource management platform that enables smart cities to optimize the efficacy of their solid waste management chains. It offers the administration the ability to remotely manage the process over web servers to enforce a check on irregular garbage collection and the transportation and disposal of waste.

India would be generating nearly 165 million tonnes of waste by 2031.

What Do We Offer?

GA Smart City is committed to implementing IoT-based solutions for better Solid Waste Management in the urban areas. This would significantly reduce the need for more landfill space, arrest land and water pollution, and enable a better management of waste collection, transportation and disposal, apart from relieving citizens from the woes of an irregular waste collection.

Key Benefits to Various Stakeholders

Adoption of suitable technologies enables better management of the waste disposal cycle

Implementation of Smart Fleet and Waste Bin Management for better waste management

Synchronization and modernization of the system of primary waste collection and transportation

Improvement in the existing chain of waste collection, transportation, and disposal

Enables tracking and monitoring of garbage collection vehicles and garbage bins

Seamless integration with the city’s Command and Control Centers, and Operations Platform


Solid Waste Management

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