Smart Parking


Smart Parking is a crucial part of the framework of any Smart City. Smart Parking applies technology and Internet of Things (IoT) to ensure a responsible and sustainable growth of a metropolitan. It also aids in improving efficiency, increasing revenues and progressing towards a more sustainable future. Smart Parking helps in optimizing parking space usage and ensuring a smoother traffic flow by making parking operations more efficient. Take a look at free bonus no deposit mobile slots

How Can Smart Parking Benefit a City?

Most metro cities are teeming with the problem of insufficient parking spaces. This also causes a massive wastage of fuel, equivalent to nearly one million barrels of oil each day globally! Thus, Smart Parking is the need of the hour to ease the problems of traffic congestion and the uncertainty of parking availability.

“A survey has revealed that about 30% of urban congestion results from the commotion of drives looking for parking space.”

Reduce Costs

The use of in-ground sensors for vehicle detection and IoT-based management tools help in providing a real-time information on space utilization. By maximizing the use of space, and providing a hassle-free payment & compliance, it helps in reducing traffic management costs.

Enhance Services

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Smart Parking can help improve services for both on-street and off-street parking requirements. It guides people to find parking spaces conveniently and quickly. One can make better utilization of space, while also simplifying payment and compliance.

Better Choice

Smart Parking aids in destressing drivers by guiding them to the most convenient parking space. Its overhead guidance systems help in optimizing the use of under-utilized bays. It also helps in improving revenues from fines and compliance.


What Do We Offer?

We, at GA Smart City, offer an enhanced customer experience through our solutions that are secure, connected and smart. Our IoT-based solutions for Smart Parking cover the end-to-end service, right from designing, mobility and cloud enablement, real-time analytics, consultation, and support. We offer both sensor and non-sensor based solutions for Smart Parking which shall offer the following benefits.

  • Real-time data on the availability of parking slots
  • Real-time data on the collection of revenues
  • In-depth analysis of revenue collection versus parking space use
  • Creation of robust plans for future parking requirements based on analytics
  • Field-tested and IP-certified sensors and equipment

Smart Parking

Finding a Parking Space is Not a Hassle Anymore

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