Smart Lighting

Smart Street Lighting or Intelligent Street Lighting is rapidly picking up as a significant feature of Smart Cities. It involves the use of embedded sensors and a city-wide network to offer a steady monitoring and quick response to any situation – from chaos and traffic to air quality. They help in identifying available parking slots and also detect traffic congestions. Smart Lighting helps in enhancing public safety and energy conservation. Be abreast of casino free bonus no deposit uk

In India, powering streetlights demands 20 – 40% of the energy generated.

Streetlights are Ideal for Sensors

  • Enable efficient mapping of populations – where people reside, play, travel or work
  • Provide a range of fixed data points for sensors that provide reliable information
  • Provide uninterrupted power to sensors/video cameras eliminating the worry about batteries
  • Offer enhanced security, safety and protection from vandalism by being high above the ground

A combination of high-efficiency lighting with smart sensors and connectivity can result in almost 80% savings in energy.

How Can Smart Lighting Benefit Smart Cities?


Smart Lighting uses wireless sensors to implement ‘on-demand’ lighting. Streetlights would remain dim until they detect presence or movement. This helps in cutting energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions, while also reducing maintenance charges.


Smart street lamps aid in the seamless and quick movement of an ambulance or fire truck by enabling a real-time communication and connectivity. For instance, the smart lamps could flicker red alerting passers-by about the arrival of an ambulance or fire truck.


Smart street lighting can help reduce crime rates by making roads safer through enhanced visibility and in-built alert systems. It can be integrated with pole-mounted sound recognition technology to offer a steady monitoring of disturbances by law enforcement agencies.


What Do We Offer?

GA Smart City offers solutions for Smart Lighting that has the potential to provide a wide-span coverage – from urban to suburban areas. Here are some of the key differentiators of our Smart Lighting Solutions.

Remote and intelligent controlling and monitoring of street lamps

Need-based remote access and control of the features of the smart lights

Quick detection and redressal of voltage problems and outages

Robust analytics for monitoring energy consumption and savings

Reduction in maintenance charges and energy costs for street lighting

Assistance with modernizing your infrastructure based on your investment and requirements

Smart Lighting

Light Up Your Path Towards Sustainability

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