Intelligent Transport Management System


Intelligent Transport Management System can aid in making urban travel more efficient, passenger-friendly, reliable and faster. It incorporates Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) integrated with traffic control centers that helps manage traffic better by a steady monitoring of traffic congestion. It also includes GPS-enabled route guidance systems and access controls that can help optimize logistics, and all other means of public and private transport.

Key Features of an Intelligent Transport Management System


Involves the use of IT with RFID, Microchip, Automatic Number Plate Recognition and Beacon Sensing Technologies that help in obtaining real-time data for accurate monitoring of traffic.


Use of Bluetooth to accurately predict travel time and conduct origin-destination analysis. Sensing devices along the road detect Bluetooth devices in passing automobiles for traffic density measurement.


This helps detect vehicles when they pass through the magnetic field of the loop to assess vehicular density, speed, inter-vehicular gap and sometimes even the class of vehicles.


Use of video cameras for vehicle detection, number plate reading, automatic incident detection and traffic flow measurement. This gives vehicle counts, speeds, traffic density, wrong-way vehicle data etc.


What Do We Offer?

Urban transport needs are constantly evolving and increasing. Intelligent Transport Management System is an integral part of GA Smart City’s suite of solution offering. This shall enable Smart Cities to employ technology for the efficient management of transportation and traffic, and cater effectively to the rising demands of commuter-friendly transportation.

  • GPS, GIS and RFID-based solutions for enabling safer and ‘smarter’ use of transportation
  • Intelligent Transport Management helps cities in saving on fuel consumption through analytics
  • Improvements in traffic and environmental management, accessibility and public safety
  • Advanced planning of capacity enables transport operators in providing punctual service to commuters
  • Seamless integration with the city’s Control and Command Center for effective decision-making

Intelligent Transport Management

IoT-based Solutions for Smart Transport Management

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