The advent of the internet and technology has resulted in the novel creation of a progressive government through e-governance. E-governance involves the application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to reinforce the national democracy, citizen’s welfare and participation in the governance. Through e-governance, the government strives to become more transparent and keep the citizens well-informed. It includes a robust network of web portals, mobile apps, online forums and other such platforms which makes it easier for citizens to share their grievances, suggestions, and queries. Enjoy with casino slots free bonus no deposit


Models of E-governance

Government to Citizen Model (G2C)

This involves the interaction of the government with citizens through modes such as web portals, online forums, mobile apps, radio etc. The aim is to enhance citizen outreach and provide a platform for sharing their suggestions, complaints, problems etc. and apply them to improving public services.

Government to Government (G2G)

The G2G model seeks to obtain a simpler, all-inclusive and more transparent system by integrating different channels of governance. It is aimed at enabling a seamless, direct interaction between various government organizations, agencies, and departments.

Government to Business (G2B)

The G2B model seeks to bridge the gap between the business sector, and the central and state governments. It eases interaction between businesses and the government, thus mitigating the challenges faced by traders, entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

Government to Employee (G2E)

This seeks to provide a platform for direct interaction between government, companies, and employees by using ICT. It provides an online platform for the execution of employee-related functions such as provident and pension funds, bank loans, medical reimbursement etc.


What Do We Offer?

GA Smart City provides a range of services and solutions towards the implementation of e-governance. We integrate Information and Communication Technology to provide various IT solutions to the government to aid in achieving the following:

  • Efficient Service Delivery from Government to Citizen
  • Installation and maintenance of Data Centres
  • Implementation of BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer) Projects
  • Ensuring sound Cyber Security
  • Providing Common Service Centers
  • Achieving biometric update and enrollment
  • Installation and management of IT infrastructure
  • Providing network connectivity across multiple locations


Powering a Citizen-centric Government

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GA Smart City’s ICT and IoT-based solutions help build the foundation of a nation-wide growth and development. We leverage technology to foster the digital and economic progress of nations.


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