Data Centers


At present, businesses of all sizes and kinds are expanding their services and market foothold. Therefore, organizations all over the globe are generating data at enormous levels – be it corporate, academic, healthcare, government or scientific. The facilities that host these massive volumes of data are called Data Centers. An ideal facility should be able to provide uninterrupted access to stored information, complete with swift storage & retrieval, and backup. Also important is for the facility to have safeguards in place to ensure data security at all times.


What Do We Offer?

GA Smart City offers data center services that include – requirement analysis, designing, installation, commissioning, and operations and maintenance. Our team of data center experts is well experienced and equipped to implement your Data Centre as per your specific requirement to host your applications.

Data Center Consultation for Enhancing Business Scalability


When it comes to Data Centers, you can turn to us for guidance on how to go about your data storage requirements. We, at GA Smart City, adopt a strategic approach to anticipate your business growth and scalability for data center consultation. If you already have storage processing arrangements, we can add value and bring in expert guidance through end-to-end auditing and evaluation.

Deliver consistent and high-quality services, and provide a steady system for different stakeholders.

Lessen the operational and capital expenditure while ensuring a top-level security and privacy.

Deploy scalable applications and web-based services without much impacting the budget of software and hardware.

Data Centers

Solutions That Give You an Edge Over Others


Data Center Installation

A well-designed Data Center is the one that is smart and makes the most out of the space it occupies. Prior to building such a facility, much assessment needs to be done for making an optimal choice. However, your enterprise need not concern itself with these details, as GA Smart City has the experience and proficiency to handle all these specifics. We offer data center installation services while placing a great emphasis on efficiency and security. We make sure that our solutions are adequately balanced between pricing and optimal operations.

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