Common Payment Cards


A Common Payment Card System seeks to provide a secure digital platform to citizens for seamless payments across multiple services. In line with the current emphasis on digital payments, common payment cards serve as a boon. This is because they aid in hassle-free transactions by reducing the dependency on cash transactions. Implementation of a Common Payment Card System requires the development, operation, and maintenance of a digital payments infrastructure through smart cards and mobile wallets.

What Do We Offer?

GA Smart City offers solutions for a Common Payment Card System (CPCS) that seeks to facilitate an inter-operable payment network among e-wallets, mobiles, and smart cards.

  • Rupay, Europay, Mastercard or Visa Compliant debit/pre-paid cards
  • Incorporation with Automated Fare Collection in public transports
  • Integration with Business Intelligence and Enterprise Management Systems
  • Integration with the City’s Control & Command Centers for Transportation

Benefits of Common Payment Cards to Citizens

“According to a survey, 6.4 hours per year is the average time spend by consumers in getting cash from an ATM.”

The Common Payment Card System is a citizen-centric initiative that offers a single smart card for availing of multiple services. Such a system forms the basis of a common ecosystem for citizens to pay utility bills, government taxes, and fees, parking charges, transport fares etc.

Nearly 12 hours per year is spent on an average in paying bills in person.

A common payment card shall be effective 24 X 7 and would be integrated with a mobile wallet payment gateway. This shall significantly aid in saving time, reducing chances of monetary frauds, improving expense and budget tracking, and increasing the overall savings.


Benefits of Common Payment Cards to Cities and Nations

Increasing digital payments in a nation can result in a considerable rise in a city’s GDP and economic valuation. It can lead to an increase in the government’s average annual savings in direct administrative expenditures. Greater adoption of common payment cards can reduce time spent on cash transactions, as well reduce crimes/frauds involving cash transactions. Digital payments through common payment card systems can lead to an increase in the net monetary savings to a business.

Common Payment Cards

One Card for All Payments

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