Command & Control Center


Command & Control Centers provide Law Enforcement Agencies a bird’s eye view of ongoing events in a particular place. In the event of a problematic incident, an effective command & control center enables a quick response from ground policing units. Such centers apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to aid in crisis management. It enables the relay of information from disasters, crises or any other incident to the relevant officials in real-time. Therefore, reducing the delay in taking action in response to an untoward or critical incident.

What Do We Offer?

The framework of GA Smart City’s offering of Command & Control Center facilitates the development of a consolidated digital platform at the city level. We help build control and command centers that help in connecting systems across various functions and department of the city. This helps in achieving an integrated platform for all types of information and actionable insights that are relevant to the city operations and management. The platform shall offer a user-friendly, graphical user interface with rich visualization along with geospatial representation.

Key Differentiators of Our Control & Command Centers

GA Smart City offers solutions for Command & Control Centers that harness the Internet of Things (IoT) and other latest technologies to offer an integrated platform for the benefit of a city/administration.

  • Offers a seamless plug & play model to install Command & Control Centers
  • Provides a trouble-free integration with video walls
  • Collects and maintains sensor data in a secured way
  • Processes and aggregates data in real-time
  • Enables the verification and validation of data in real-time
  • Offers a customizable and user-friendly visualization dashboard
  • Offers a map-based monitoring and visualization
  • Helps connect all key stakeholders through mobile applications
  • Enables a prompt generation of alerts and notifications

Command and Control Center

Be Prompt in Your Decision Making

GA Smart City’s Command & Control Center Solutions enable Law Enforcement Agencies and other key officials to take prompt action in the event of a critical situation or disaster.

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