City Wide Network


A wireless network connectivity across the entire span of a city is an essential component of a Smart City. Such city wide network offers multiple benefits to the citizens and administration of a city – lowering traffic congestion, employing better surveillance and thus reducing crime rates, managing the adverse effects of climate change, and improving the efficiency of various services rendered to citizens. This helps to significantly enhance the overall competency of cities.


Benefits of a City Wide Network Connectivity

A City-Wide Network helps connect city civic centers, health care centers, educational institutions, municipalities and Asset Management Companies across the city.


A quick gathering of data from various sources enables authorities to take faster and more effective decisions.


24*7 connectivity enhances the financial and operational efficiency of the Government and other administrative bodies.


High-quality video connectivity helps the Police Department in exercising greater surveillance and security.


A reliable network infrastructure enables the Fire Department to direct their staff remotely and take faster decisions


Constant and remote connectivity aids in easier and better monitoring of environmental factors such as monsoon, pollution etc


Citywide network helps visitors with better access to places of interest, events, shopping centers, and other vital information.


What Do We Offer?

GA Smart City offers solutions for the installation of citywide network services to facilitate a constant connection between the government, citizens and other public/private organizations. This shall enable key stakeholders to connect to remote sites and exchange information without any delay, thus laying the foundation of a Smart City that functions efficiently.

  • High quality, cost-effective, sustainable and reliable network provision to the city administration
  • End-to-end support for hardware, operations, Internet Service Provider connectivity, and maintenance
  • Installation of a Network Operations Center for network monitoring, control, and management
  • Solutions for wireless and wired connectivity across the city
  • Hassle-free connectivity across all surveillance systems in the city
  • Quick and hassle-free transfer of data and information through City Wide Network
  • WiFi services in selected public space through the extension of City Wide Network

City Wide Network

Connecting Citizens with Essential Services

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