City Surveillance


Public areas provide an easy medium for unscrupulous agents for stoking and spreading violence and disturbance. Therefore, city surveillance is a critical part of a nation’s homeland security measures. City surveillance can be achieved through a strategic network of Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV), heat sensors (for vehicular/motion detection), NAVIC/GPS receivers, and an integrated framework of Smart Policing. An effective city surveillance can aid in augmenting security during the visit of foreign delegates, and also in reducing crime rates. Most importantly, implementing a strong framework of city surveillance helps in strengthening the safety and security of citizens in their day-to-day lives. You need to know about free bonus no deposit required


What Do We Offer?


Video Surveillance as a Service

GA Smart City offers video surveillance as a service at the client’s premises. Our services in this regard include an end-to-end solution complete with hardware and the requisite software required for the surveillance and analysis. We help take care of the hardware such as cameras, DVR/NVR, cable network and power backup as per the customer’s requirements and specifications. We also provide software support along with training & consultation to help establish a fool-proof video surveillance framework.


Record & Playback

GA Smart City’s City Surveillance solution shall offer a storage of video footages from each camera in its surveillance network. The footage would be stored for a minimum of 60 days in addition to the 30 days storage provides by default at the customer’s premises. We offer our customers the ability to review the stored footages anytime along with a playback facility depending on the date and time.


Maintenance of Video Surveillance Infrastructure

We not only aid in the installation of city surveillance but also assist in the maintenance of the video surveillance infrastructure. We ensure that our solution for video analytics is integrated into the surveillance infrastructure at an optimal cost and with minimum hassle. GA Smart City shall actively monitor the working of all equipment at all times and also conduct regular, pro-active maintenance inspections. We shall undertake repairs and replacements as and when required in order to maintain the effective functioning of the video surveillance infrastructure.


Monitoring of Video Surveillance Infrastructure

GA Smart City’s Solutions for City Surveillance include the maintenance of a command & control room that receives the feed from the different cameras installed. The software is capable of identifying any malfunctioning or tampering with the cameras. This helps detect intrusion and also sends an alert to the concerned authorities on the ground who can further initiate a prompt response to the incident.

Key Differentiators of Our City Surveillance Solutions

GA Smart City’s Solutions for city surveillance includes the installation and deployment of CCTV and IP-based cameras for ensuring public safety.

  • End-to-end surveillance of public spaces through cameras
  • Offers authorities 24/7 inspection, enabling prompt decision-making in real-time
  • Relevant authorities can monitor the activities and movements in the entire city
  • Hassle-free integration with the Command & Control Center and Video Walls
  • Offers an automatic generation of alerts and handling of critical events
  • Facilitates the safety of senior citizens, children, and women
  • Provides a scalable, customizable and flexible platform
  • Provides an edge and server-based analytics support
  • Provides options for online and offline processing
  • Security and reliability is guaranteed

City Surveillance

Securing and Safeguarding Citizens 24*7

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