Biometric Security


Biometric Security employs the state-of-the-art technology of using biometrics for identification, authentication, and verification of the identity of an individual. It has the potential of offering an assured sense of security of data, systems and organizational/personal premises if implemented and used correctly. It is essential to invest in sound technology to implement Biometric Security in order to avoid foul play and misuse.

“According to estimates, the Global Biometrics market will surpass US$ 24.8bn by 2021.”

What Do We Offer?

GA Smart City provides products and solutions for biometric authentication and enrollment and e-governance. Our solutions cater to the biometric security requirements of the Central and State Governments, and public and private sector organizations across the globe.

Solutions for Biometric Enrollment

Comprehensive Training and Assistance

Need-based Custom Biometric Solution Systems

Biometric Attendance System based on Aadhar (AEBAS)

End-to-end Project Implementations and Lifelong Support

Deduplication and Automatic Fingerprint Identification System

Biometric Security

Our Work Flow

Understand Requirements

We are committed to giving careful attention to understanding your individual requirements. We work with various stakeholders and users of the system to analyze your requirements and translate that into a user-friendly system. Get more information about casino online free bonus no deposit real money


We engage in an in-depth study and assessment of your requirements by working closely with your team. This helps us formulate the best bespoke solution that suits your requirements, budget, and timeline.

System Development

Once the proposal is approved, we initiate the development of the biometric security system. We stand by the policy of keeping our clients involved at every step by demonstrating prototypes and taking constant feedback.

Support & Training

We offer a life-long commitment to our clients by providing them adequate training and support at all stages. We shall train your personnel on the usage and maintenance of the biometric security system(s) installed.

Benefits of Biometric Security Systems


Accurate Accountability

Biological features such as fingerprints or iris scan lower the risk of unsolicited breach and provide greater accuracy and accountability in identification.


By avoiding frauds and potential security breaches, Biometric Security Systems offer a high Return on Investment (ROI). It also helps save management time and resources.


Integrating biometrics into personal or commercial security helps save time and money. Also, it is easy to understand and use with a basic training.


Biometric Security Systems are quite dynamic and can be scaled as per the growth of a business to suit its changing requirements over time.

Versatile & Convenient

Biometric Security Systems are more convenient for users and managers of the system than passwords or ID Cards and can be installed at any security checkpoint.

Biometric Security

Implement Full-Proof Verification Facilities

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