Adaptive Traffic Management System


Several cities across the globe are in the league of transforming themselves into a Smart City. Adaptive Traffic Management System that incorporates intelligent traffic systems shall take the Smart City to an altogether new level. Intelligent traffic systems shall employ artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide crucial insights about traffic patterns.

Adaptive Traffic Management shall include features such as smart traffic lights that would change automatically based on real-time data received from congestion at intersections and other areas of the city.

How Are Advanced Traffic Management Systems a Boon for Smart Cities?

  • Advanced Traffic Management Systems facilitate the optimization of traffic flow
  • System-wide and prompt reporting and detection of incidents and emergencies
  • Offers a multi-modal optimization of operations
  • Real-time data enables re-routing of commuters and vehicles based on circumstances
  • Adaptive and IoT-based traffic signal systems
  • Enables signal priority in cases of accidents and other emergencies

Adaptive Traffic Management System

Simplifying Traffic Flow Management

Potential of Adaptive Traffic Management System

Adaptive Traffic Management Systems would include the installation of smart cameras at critical junctions/intersections to monitor the flow of traffic, and emergency situations like accidents, riots etc. The various components of an Adaptive Traffic Management System would aid in gathering real-time traffic data from historical surveys, radar images and IoT-based sensors installed in traffic lights and on roads. Machine learning provides significant insights into traffic patterns and enables authorities to manage rush-hour traffic better. Based on the data, the Adaptive Traffic Management System shall dynamically alter the signal timing of traffic lights.

What Do We Offer?

  • Effective traffic management through Adaptive Traffic Management Systems
  • Real-time information from GIS mapping, traffic signals, and sensors
  • Hassle-free integration with various control & command centers
  • Optimal management of traffic flow using real-time data obtained
  • Offer policing and other relevant authorities the option of predictive analysis
  • Enhanced level of inbuilt security in the systems for cyber security and data privacy
  • Use intelligent trafficking to better manage road accidents, traffic congestion & air pollution

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